Interview with Conita Clark

Conita went to bed one evening and woke up in hospital, three weeks later. How did she overcome such a strange illness against all medical odds? Find out more by listening to her story. Read more

Interview with Josiah Chambers Callander

A seemingly typical football game injury to his neck was all Josiah thought he had to deal with. That was the tip of the iceberg. Listen to more as Josiah gives us the full story. Read more

Interview with Sukaena Callander

Her son's typical football game injury looked nothing out of the ordinary. However, it turned out to be a 'tip of an iceberg' incidence over the course of 12 months. Listen to all the twists and turns in this amazing interview. Read more

Interview with Abi Junaid

Abi had an unexpected medical result given to her - with the potential of turning her world upside down. She was given not just one, but two results, a few days apart. How did she respond? Find out more in her interview. Read more

Interview with Tobi Sho-Silva

Fame, fortune and popularity had become part of Tobi's experience, but these were not enough to safeguard him from feelings of emptiness and the various unanswered questions that he had about life and the future. What next? Find out. Read more

Interview with Benny Adedapo

A 21st-century version of the healing of the woman with a haemorrhage. Listen to this amazing story of God’s intervention and cure in an unconventional way, as revealed by Benny Adedapo. Read more

Interview with Sara Mananga

Sara's story will encourage you to continue trusting God in the face of contradicting evidence, knowing fully well that with God nothing is impossible. Read more

Interview with Fikelephi Jackson

Listen to Fikelephi Jackson as she shares an abridged version of her story from birth to present day - a life beginning with hopelessness and uncertainty in Apartheid Southern Africa to what God is doing in her life today around the world. Read more

Interview with Richard Rajan

Richard was raised in a Christian home. Church life was a big part of his growing up years in Chennai, India. His story is full of several amazing testimonies of God's goodness. Read more

Interview with Karolina Richert

Listen to this inspiring interview with Karolina Richert about her miraculous birth, her formative years and the blessings she has been experiencing, since she made a commitment to begin attending New Wine Church. Read more

Interview with Chris Johnson

Listen to this interview with Chris Johnson, who was strongly convinced that his God-given dream to own some properties could begin during an 18-month window of opportunity declared by various guest ministers at New Wine Church. Read more

Interview with Lawrence Johnson

Listen to this interesting and entertaining interview with Lawrence Johnson, the Music Director of Sounds of New Wine, and the Executive Producer of the recently released 11-track album - 'The Siege Is Over'. Read more