We fasted and prayed with expectation and God honoured our fast and answered our prayers. In response, we sang: “We just wanna say, thank you, thank you Lord”.

The celebrations continued with: “How great is our God”, “There is no bondage”. The people of God poured into the church to the sound of: “Hallelujah, Hallelujah we are free.” The atmosphere was supernaturally charged with: “Hosanna in the highest, Let our king be lifted up!”.

As the worship session continued, the next set of song included: ‘Lord you are good and your mercy endureth forever! The ambiance was spiritually electrifying as the children waved flags of different nations to the tune of: “Lord you are good.”

The House of God erupted in unison as we sang: “What shall I render to Jehovah, for he has done so very much for me; Nara Narekele mo…”, “I have decided to follow Jesus, No turning back.  This was awesome!


The Lord Preserved Us:

In the times of trouble, our God put a protective arm around us. New Wine’s senior Pastor- Pastor Kola Taiwo- exalted God with the congregation by saying he is the most blessed pastor in the world, for the Lord preserved the lives of his people. He gave thanks for the lives the people who were touched by Covid but were not harmed.

Grow By Revelation – The God of Bethel

Our guest preacher, Pastor Arno Van Der Knapp brought God’s word to the people, titled: “Grow by Revelation”. We were taught that the house of God will know their God by revelation.

The people of God will know God by the hope of His calling.
The riches of the glory of His inheritance.
The revelation of His power

Pastor Arno illustrated this by taking us through Jacob’s dream in Bethel which can be found in Genesis 28:10-22. He declared:

“the House of God is a revelation of the gateway to heaven”.

He also shared with us how “the revelation the people of God receive, is what they become to the world.” Mathew 16:13-18

Whose Are You?

“Whose are you?” OR “Who is God for you?” These are all questions about our identity in Christ Jesus, the seed of Abraham. By divine machinations you will see that there is a common theme running through the messages given by the messengers of God. Growth in life: the in-Christ reality.

Call To Action:

Recognise that God is in the house of God! In Christ, through the Holy Spirit, location is not everything; revelation can flow everywhere. We must hunger for new revelation which is able to reveal our destiny and thereby transform our spiritual lives.

The evening came to a close with a rendition of: “We will remain confident in this...We will see the goodness of the Lord!”

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