As we resume a new normal after the lockdown weeks, one thing is certain - the job market will not be the same as it was.

With a downturn in the economic cycle and a global recession in full swing, jobs opportunities will be short in supply and in high demand. Employers will now be in a good position to pick the la crème da la crème.

In view of this, the New Wine Career Builders Team presents this 60-minute webinar, to give you a guide on:

a) How to Navigate the Job Market Post Covid-19

b) How to redefine your job search in line with different to the norm working opportunities

c) How to position yourself and prepare for the next interview

d) What Recruiters are looking for in a candidate.

e) How to position yourself for promotion opportunities even in the mist of a recession

In this FREE webinar titled 'Repositioning Yourself In A Transforming World', get ready to learn what you need to transform your career during these uncertain times.

Please, watch the replay below. The PDF of the Powerpoint is available to download.

You Can Download the Webinar PowerPoint:

Career Webinar PowerPoint