I have been transformed

I am being transformed

And I will be transformed.

This year, I live a transformed life.


I have been transformed by Christ

Therefore, I am transformed from darkness to light

From Sin nature to Righteousness


I am being transformed by Christ

Being regulated everyday

By His Spirit in me

I am being transformed

into the image of Jesus Christ.

I am being transformed

From Glory to Glory

From Faith to faith

From Increase to increase

From blessings to blessings

And from Grace to grace


I will be transformed like Christ

I am prepared for eternity

In Him and with Him

I’m being transformed

by the renewing of my mind.

Today and everyday

I know and enjoy

The good, the perfect and acceptable will of God

For my life and my community

I am being transformed

By His Grace

To be one with Christ

And live out Christ

In Jesus name.