Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. It is great to welcome you to the web page of New Wine Covenant Partners. It is even greater to welcome you to a life changing opportunity to become a Covenant Partner.

The support of New Wine Covenant Partners are having a global impact, from the housing projects for lepers in India to the leadership training for leaders in Nigeria, from the radio broadcast in London to television ministry all over Europe. New Wine Covenant Partners are transforming lives round the clock and around the globe

Our lives are the answer to somebody's question - the solution to somebody's problem. Every single day, across the earth, somebody steps into their destiny because of our obedience. Jesus said "Go"; and that is what we are doing. But we realise that it takes more than our anointing to get the job done. It also takes your support, your faith, your prayers and your finances.

We understand the spiritual principle of synergy. We know that when we combine forces, the results will be far greater than that of the mere addition of our strengths.

This is why we invite you to partner with us.

Support us on a regular basis by signing up to be a covenant partner today or give a ‘one off’ donation to any of our current humanitarian projects.