DAY 1 (12th JAN)  Hebrews 1-2 God of the River crossers speak to us (Key verse: 1:1-3)
Christ as our aid in this season (Key verse: 2:16-18)
DAY 2 (13th JAN) Hebrews 3-4 Grace to enter His rest through believing (Key verse: 3:7-19)
We come boldly to the throne of grace (Key verse: 4:16)
DAY 3 (14th JAN) Hebrews 5-6 Greater depths in His Word (Key verse: 5: 12-14)
An entering into the enjoyment in His presence: (Key verse 6:19-20)
DAY 4 (15th JAN) Hebrews 7-8

Experience of the uttermost saving for life (Key verse 7:25)
Walking in a more excellent ministry (Key verse: 8:6)

DAY 5 (16th JAN) Hebrews 9-10

Purification from dead walks (Whole chapter with Key verse 9:14)
Unveiling of new and living way into His presence (Whole chapter with Key verse 10:19-20)

DAY 6 (17th JAN) Hebrews 11-12

Faith in our Christ will be strong (Whole chapter with Key verse 11:1)
Receive grace by which we may serve God acceptably (Whole chapter with Key verse 12:28)

DAY 7 (18th JAN) Hebrews 13&1

Brotherly and unity among the brethren (Whole chapter with Key verse: 13:1)
The finality of God’s word over New Wine (Whole chapter 1)

DAY 8 (19th JAN) Hebrews 2-3

Power of the resurrected and sanctifying Christ (Whole chapter 2)
Rest and comfort on every side (Whole chapter 3)

DAY 9 (20th JAN) Hebrews 4-5

All doubt and unbelief will eradicated (Whole chapter 4)
Christ shall Priest over New Wine (Whole chapter 5)

DAY 10 (21st JAN) Hebrews 6-7

Full maturity in the house (Whole chapter 6)
The experience of better Hope (Whole chapter 7)

DAY 11 (22nd JAN) Hebrews 8-9

The reality of the better covenant in New Wine (Whole chapter 8)
Covering of the blood of Jesus (Whole chapter 9)

DAY 12 (23rd JAN) Hebrews 10-11

No shrinking back but abiding in His presence (Whole chapter 10)
New Wine obtains good report by faith (Whole chapter 11)

DAY 13 (24th JAN) Hebrews 12-13

Grace to run the race ahead of us (Whole chapter 12)
Prayer for marriages and families in New Wine Church (Whole chapter 13)