Over the first three months of this year 2021, the viewpoint on the global health crisis seems to be positive - vaccines, a drop in the numbers of infection and a road map out of the lockdown here in the UK.

The economy has also recently began dominating news headlines with the recent budget announcement. Coupled with the prospect of a possible complete lifting of various public restrictions in the Summer, it's time to discuss what the financial outlook for the rest of the year may look like.

To this end, the New Wine Financial Services Team presented a webinar on Saturday, the 20th of March 2021 at 2pm - titled: 'Financial Growth in 2021 and Beyond'. The highlights of the webinar included:

  • Understanding the UK Budget 2021 and its implication for businesses and individuals
  • How to take advantage of the provisions of the budget
  • Understanding the projection for the UK and global economy in 2021 and near term
  • How to reposition your finance to grow as the economy rebounds in 2021 and beyond

Here is a replay of the webinar below:

Financial Growth '21 PowerPoint