Fresh from the Sounds of New Wine, who brought you such hits as; God of The Impossible and Your Love is Forever comes a brand-new single: GLORY BE TO GOD.

In the face of the onslaught of Covid-19 that took the world by surprise, forcing a standstill on movements and activities around the world, the church has been able to turn to God, and God has preserved the body of Christ at large.

The song, Glory Be to God, is all about giving God the glory that is truly due Him. As the lyric says, “only the living can give Him praise.” The dead in the grave cannot begin to express the wonders of God, but we who are alive are privileged to do so.

This song in its original Nigerian language (Yoruba) version was a blessing to me and we decided to translate it and get it out to the body of Christ in the English version. I believe that this song would really encapsulate our heartfelt joy and gratitude to God Almighty for keeping us alive during this season. I also believe that the church, individuals, and body of Christ across the globe, will become much stronger and more focused on God's interest as we go forward because of what God has done in this season to preserve us.

Pastor Kola Taiwo (Senior Pastor of New Wine Church)

Enjoy the Music video by clicking on the YouTube link below: 

You can purchase and Download/Stream the Single by using the link below. All the proceeds go towards our Christmas Hamper Campaign. 

Glory Be To God Single