Since 2011 Arno and Vanessa van der Knaap have been the Lead Pastors of GODcentre in the Netherlands. ‘GOD’ in the name ‘GODcentre’ stands for: ‘Gods Original Design’. That is the message that GODcentre wants to convey: ‘’You are God's Original Design’’. In the meantime the church is multiplying itself. GODcentre Gouda was born in 2018 and Utrecht in 2021. Preparations for a new church are in full swing: GODcentre Antwerp (Belgium).

Pastor Arno is known for his passion and enthusiasm. His desire is that every person may discover that he or she is “God's Original Design” and that they start living their God-given dream. For that reason he has also written a book entitled “From The Dream to The Throne -
Conquer Your Dream Killers”. In addition to being a pastor, he is a much sought-after speaker for churches and conferences at home and abroad, and the initiator of campaigns in Congo. He also supports many churches in the caribbean, especially on Bonaire, Curacao and St.

Pastor Vanessa is known for her openness and genuineness. Her desire is that people will discover their identity in God and that they will flourish. For that reason, she has also set up a special training, called the Identity Training. Vanessa also contributed to a diary by and for
women called "Glow". Her passion to see others shine is also evident in her work as a beautician. In addition, within GODcentre she is particularly involved in teenage and children's work. Her desire is for the church to be a family, from which healthy families also emerge.