Iliya Panov is the pioneering Pastor of the Bulgarian Branch of New Wine Church in London, United Kingdom - a Church planted in 2016.

Iliya became a born again Christian in 1984, during the season of communist rule in Bulgaria. Since then, he has served in different Churches around the world, as a worship leader and as a pastor. He pastored a Church in Bulgaria for ten years, and in 2017, the Church joined the New Wine family and became New Wine Church, Sofia.

In addition to serving as a pastor, Iliya is also a musician. He has a few recorded albums and has ministered in music in various cities around the world.

Iliya is a Bulgarian from Gypsy origins. His deepest desire is to share the good news of salvation, transformation and the kingdom of God to every soul, for Jesus Christ. He believes a successful Christian walk is based on a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, through the help of the Holy Spirit.

He is happily married to his wonderful wife Rayna, and has four children, all of whom are worship leaders - Asen, Angel, Moses and Serafim.