I was raised in a Christian family back home in Poland, but I had not made a personal decision for Jesus, because I had no idea what that meant. About 11 years ago, I moved to the UK, and in the process of settling down to life here, I faced many difficulties. It was such a trying time for me, and being away from my family was not easy.

About three years after moving to the UK, I gave my life to Christ. I think the challenges I encountered during that season, may have increased my sensitivity to my need for Jesus. After becoming a Christian, I started attending a local Church, but as I moved around the high streets in the community, people would often invite me to New Wine Church. I was often given flyers, and in seemingly random conversations, I received invitations to New Wine quite frequently. This went on for about a year before I decided to visit the Church. I felt the Holy Spirit was leading me to come and the first time I visited, I was amazed by the worship and the encounter I had with God. I had an amazing time and since I started coming regularly, my relationship with God has grown from glory to glory.


I received a warm welcome here, and everyone I have met has been really friendly. I know I’m in the right place for me, and so many good things have been happening in my life that make me feel reassured. Since I started coming here, every sermon that has been preached has been a confirmation of things that the Lord had spoken to me. My experience in New Wine has been very different to the way I was brought up; in the Church I attended as a child, the Bible wasn’t explained as clearly as it is here. Here, the Word is very applicable to life, and I have grown a lot. Every time I come to Church feeling broken, I receive healing.

The most amazing experience I have had here, is receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Receiving His leading in my life on a daily basis has been wonderful.

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