Leonard Hitimana, along with his wife Eliane; is the co-pastor of New Wine Church, Luxembourg.  A church planted in 2016.

Leonard Hitimana was born in Rwanda. He undertook his university studies at Abidjan, Ivory Coast where he obtained his degree as an “Ingenieur Des Travaux Statics” (Static Studies Engineer). He proceeded to study computer science in Belgium where he obtained a “Graduant  En Informatique” (High Diploma in computing).

Leonard worked as a mathematics teacher in secondary schools in Ivory-Coast while he was also developing his own businesses.

He became born again in August 1990 as he was coming to the end of his university studies in the 1989/1990 academic year.

During that period of time, he started feeling a big empty hole in his soul, a deep emptiness inside. He knew and felt that something was missing in his life and could not understand what was going on in his life.

Having settled in Belgium with his family, Leonard started a new spiritual life in a completely different environment.

Later on, Leonard and his family left Belgium for United Kingdom to start a new life. They settled in London and joined New Wine Church as their new spiritual home.

He is married to Eliane and they are blessed with 3 children; Gloriose, Danielle and Abigail.

Leonard has a passion to share the gospel of Christ and see people prosper in the Kingdom.