The ministry provides both premarital and post-marital Christian counselling.

When couples go through problems in their marriages, even to the point where the threats of separation or divorce are very real, what is often required is the intervention of another party with an objective viewpoint. Marriage counselling generally helps to provide this.

Many couples find success through marriage counselling, as it is a method that is used to assist couples with all sorts of issues; therefore, it is not strictly reserved for those on the brink of a break-up or for those where one partner has had an affair. The aim of marriage counselling is to assist couples in their relationships, including premarital counselling prior to making a firm commitment to a partner.

Counselling is provided by mature and experienced Christian couples with strict confidentiality.

To find out more about marriage counselling, please contact the church office by either sending an email to [email protected] or by telephone on 020 88 555 888