God is A Family Man!


With an amazing talk show and sensational worship from the New Wine Bulgarian Church, New Wine International hosted an event for the whole family.

On Saturday 24th July 2021 at 2pm, we had a family rally, where everyone- both young and old - were ministered unto. In this session, we were reminded of the importance of family, as it is an inborn desire that is shared by everyone. Even Jesus- God incarnate, was part of a family! 

Revelation for One is a Revelation for All

We also learnt that when God speaks to one, He speaks to the whole family. This revelation was exemplified by Pastor Arno’s powerful, yet equally touching testimony of his now 6- year-old son: 

Jemuel’s Testimony

Pastor Arno’s wife - Pastor Vanessa - became pregnant with their 4th child, and the Lord clearly spoke to her at a conference, saying that she will give birth to a son, and he will be a preacher. With tears in her eyes, she told Pastor Arno this revelation.

Although it took him two months to process the pregnancy and the accompanied revelation, they held onto it together, as a family. It was later confirmed at an ultrasound appointment, that they would be having a baby boy!

After many months, it was time to give birth, and Pastor Vanessa was about to go into labour, but then suddenly, something went very wrong. The cord pressed against the baby’s neck, and due to a lack of oxygen, the baby died in her womb. Pastor Arno started praying in tongues and, in that moment, he remembered the revelation that God told his wife - “You will have a son, and he will be a preacher”. Their son was laying there, dead. The situation seemed hopeless, and the fulfilment of this revelation appeared to be threatened by the contrasting reality of their son’s lifeless state. Nonetheless, he said in faith: “Jemuel! In the name of Jesus Christ, ARISE!” Medical professionals were all around baby Jemuel, frantically attending to him, in the room where Pastor Arno was praying. Then, suddenly… POP! Jemuel popped open his eyes and was alive! All glory goes to God, who raised Jemuel from the dead! Then, when Pastor Arno laid his hands on his living son, God said to him: 

“Never be afraid of a scar; it simply means that you are stronger than the thing that tried to kill you”

Today, he is 6 years old, and completely healthy. All glory to God!


Key Takeaways from this Testimony: 

  1. Every family is a carrier of the promises of God, which are manifested through revelation. Jemuel was not only the promise of Pastor Vanessa; he was also the promise of Pastor Arno and the rest of his family. Together, they ran with, and held onto that revelation, and Jemuel was born.
  2. Always work together with the revelation that God has given a member of your family. When God speaks to one person, He speaks to the whole family- it could save a life!


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