New Wine Church turned 28 on Sunday, the 25th of July 2021! A new sound was released, - 28 years on, people are still discovering, developing, and deploying their gifts in, all for the glory of God. New Wine was blessed in English, French, and Bulgarian declarations from her different locations! With the backdrop of ‘Jireh’ by Elevation Church, we were encouraged to give God the glory, and place Him at the centre, for all that He has done for New Wine Church- both corporately and individually.

Worshipper and Songwriter, Tayme Tee, introduced a powerful segment of praise and worship with the phrase: “your testimony is embedded in your praise”

Thanksgiving by Pastor Kola and New Wine International

In one voice, we praised and thanked God for all that He has done for us, as a body. It was our fellowship with God that brought us through the global pandemic otherwise known as COVID-19. It was God’s Arm that embraced us. The Arm of the Lord prevailed, uplifted, and kept us.

We also praised God for our patriarchs who laid the foundation, and remembered those who, at some point in time, co-laboured with them: "Proverbs 10:7 reads: "The memory of the righteous is blessed""

Message by Pastor Arno - Rebuild the Temple of God

We learnt that gates represent spheres of influence in society. In the book of Ezra, there were 12 gates in the Holy city of Jerusalem, and 10 of them were destroyed. Nehemiah was an apostle, sent to rebuild society and the city, and Ezra was called to rebuild the Temple, in the Temple gate.

“The Temple is the most important building in the city, and the most important entity within a society.”

New Wine was declared an apostolic church, destined to bless the cities, and equip the believers to take the gates for God. We were reminded that God wants us to have Kingdom influence - to influence the gates of society.

Prophetic message to New Wine Church

Pastor Arno prophesied that for New Wine to thrive, the tribe of Judah must go first. The name Judah means worshipper of God with outstretched arms. The worshippers of God must go first in battle, and in the rebuilding of the Temple. The worship team must go first in bringing people back to the House of the Lord.

The message to the House of New Wine is: Rejoice! God is doing a new thing in our house. Worshippers in New Wine will make a new sound, a new move, and come up with new songs.

In the words of Pastor Arno: “New Wine, it’s time to make a new sound!”


A feast for all, this Spirit-filled session was powerful and highly prophetic!

Click here to watch the video and download the free MP3 for this session, for your enjoyment anytime, anywhere!