Our Founding Pastor, Dr Tayo Adeyemi (1964–2013) said, “the Church I see is one of tremendous influence, whose leaders are regularly consulted by government on issues of policy before major decisions are made”. His successor, Pastor Michael Olawore (1961–2018) laid the foundation for those words becoming flesh when he established the New Wine School of Politics in 2017.

Pastor Kola Taiwo, Senior Pastor, New Wine Church, is committed to fulfilling the legacy of our patriarchs through:

• Political Awareness and Mobilisation 
• Political Participation

There is an urgent need to address Christian apathy to politics and significantly increase their political awareness, engagement and participation. Many Christians are not well-informed and therefore completely disengaged from political and policy-making processes.

The New Wine School of Politics aims to produce a critical and growing mass of Christians active in the political arena, catalysts for mobilising other Christians to become engaged in political and policy-making processes and the voice of God to advocate for Christianity across the Seven Mountains of Culture.

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